RegionHells Womb
OwnerCouncil of Bile
Founded22 War March 1267

Drakhôr was founded by several knightly orders of the Kal-Oni Empire. When their empire fell, they moved northwest and settled in the area around Nadrunal.

Drakhôr is the capital of the Council of Bile. The most notable features of this city are the numerous hovering towers in and above the city. These towers are built on earth motes; products of Elphion by way of the Ba'lith Empire. The towers are reached by bridges, sometimes suspended with earth and air motes, or by way of teleportation devices. Some personages that seek the utmost security and privacy have their hovering towers reachable only by magical flying or by way of aerial mounts.

Drakhôr also has twenty large, lofty towers called the Drakhôr Aeries. Each holds the stables for flying steeds. Some of these are massive and hold the roosts for dragons. The city's population growth has led to the creation of five rings of walls. Each ring is separated by a water-filled moat. In times of peace, the moats are used as canals to move goods while avoiding the dense crowds. Water from Nadrunal feeds into these moats and the numerous canals that criss-cross the city. On the western outskirts of this heavily fortified city is the Battle Arena of Bile.

The city has a large beef industry and numerous horse trading houses. Beyond the walls of the city for as far as the eye can see are keep and castles surrounding by vast ranches and pastures. These places hold tens of thousands of horse and even more cattle.

Drakhôr has a large port. The city can be reached from the sea by coming up the Foronir and then crossing Nadrunal.

The largest churches of the city are to Ares and Hades. The church of Ares is called Bal-Kriav Headquarters. In this citadel-like church resides the Citadel Dictum, Ares's top religious authority for all Bal-Kriav.

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