Kiihus Vaaril Ash Crusade

Period1448 - 1460
TheaterCinazan, Miradelgûn
Thashangriel VS Khazarkar Empire

In 1448, Thashangriel started a proxy war. Employeeing pirates, they targeted the Khazarkar's shipping. Diplomatic missions to end the pirating, and stop the open harboring of pirate ships at Ag Staaz did not go well. The diplomats were murdered, fed to hell hounds and similar terrible fates. The Khazarkars sent a fleet of ships to Ag Staaz and shelled the city and blockaded it for several months. Thashangriel agreed to stop sponsoring pirates and shielding them in Ag Staaz's harbor. Thashangriel then began mobilizing their troops and hiring mercenaries and ships from all over the realm. Akumîlû spies learned of these movements rather quickly. In the Year 1550, the transport and warships of Thashangriel, most of them foreign-owned, went north and landed in Miradelgûn. An army of Aggorath, Muneyd'vith, dragons, giants, and other humanoids attacked the southeastern territories of the Khazarkar Empire. Adrimân was the first Khazarkar town to fall in the conflict. The town would be re-captured by the Khazarkars but would fall again and again by both sides.

The Thashangriel made great headway into the Khazarkar lands, burning and pillaging on a wide front. The great expanse of Khazarkar territory allowed the Kharzarkar armies to employ "Fabian tactics". By the Year 1453, Thashangriel's armies were stretched over 400 miles. With their lines of supply and communication stretched to their limits, the Khazarkar began attacking from the deep woods of Nelaryotar. They destroyed Thashangriel rear garrisons and supply depots. The next four years was a war of defense by the Thashangriel. In the Year 1457, the dragon armies took the offensive again and were within visual range of the towering pyramids of Nibar-Pharân.


In the Year 1460, the Khazarkar Empire forged a pact with the Nitthirân djinni of Gludragh. In Nitthirân helped the Khazarkar by conjuring up sand storms which raged from the Sands of Hell into the Erethor sea. The storms were epic in size and strength causing Thashangriel to loose thousands of soldiers and see their supply ships wrecked on the coasts. After such losses, the Khazarkar navy were able to keep Thashangriel from supplying their army by way the sea. This ended in famine and desertion for their deployed ground forces causing Thashangriel to sue for peace. They paid the Khazarkar Empire 15,000,000 in gold and provided 2,000 Aggorath slaves. They then had to pay to have their beaten army shipped back home. After this war, Thashangriel's economy was wrecked for nearly a decade. Most of their debt to Shounejo had to be forgiven.

Some of the Nitthirân that fought in the war were caught helping the enemy. Those captured by the Akumîlû soon found themselves put in bottles or enslaved to serve out their sentence in some military unit. Several ambitious Nitthirân stayed on with the Khazarkars, becoming advisors to the Pharzîmrâth.