The Jolmgar islands run down the middle of the channel sea Erethor. East of the islands is the continent Amachan and to west is Brucrumus. Shou history claims that cyclops have lived on the Jolmgar islands since the Dawn Era.

During the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), the Khazarkar Empire boarded their ships and fled north past these islands. When they tried to obtain water for their fleet they were met with a rain of missile fire and cyclops outfitted with bristling weapons and very strong and expertly made armor. The Khazarkar foragers suffered badly from the cyclops who viewed their large refugee fleet as an invasion force. It wasn't till the Third Epoch that the cyclops warmed to foreigners. They have changed from contact with foreigners and generally see the economy of working with other civilizations.

The greater cyclops of the islands are very intelligent, masters of blacksmithing and capable of producing exceptional quality magical items. One of the legendary forges of the realm is located on the island Erli Hervild. The Jolmgar Crater Forge, once used by a cyclops named Taurlundrex, is near the middle of this island. At this forge, the chaos sword Oblivion was made by Taurlundrex and the primordial Asoun.


Fjollaug is the largest cyclops settlement of Jolmgar. It is here that greater cyclops produce possibly the the largest cannons of Bal-Kriav. Their siege guns can be found as far north as the Khazarkar Empire, south to Angvild, and among the coastal batteries of Ivory Asylum. One of their most well-known and sought after pieces is the Cyclops Harbor Cannon. These weapons are so enormous that crews of giants are often hired to "man" them.

Notable Areas