Rot Reaver
LocationSea of Mourning

Sahuld is the second largest island of the Necrocrypt island chain. In the Horgon Era, it served as place for Abâthigûran sport hunting. They made sure it remained a wild place, forbidding settling, exploring, or a safe harbor in the area's notoriously violent storms. After the fall of Abâthigûr in 1011 HE, the islands that would become collectively known as Necrocrypt, were becoming better known for their undead. For a time, Sahuld remained untainted by the walking dead. Failing to hold onto their master's holding, Hydrocur retreated to this island where they used Durkoth tomes, creating creatures specialized in combating the undead. Their efforts were in vain, too late to stem the undead making their way over from Necrocrypt's main island. Rot reavers and others specialized in taking down undead still roam this island.

In 999, fleeing the Gulimbor Catacyslm, many of Borillisk refugees settled on Sahuld. They lasted a little more than a century, wiped out by things brought back from Necrocrypt's main island Gathrot.

In the Third Epoch, the Black Tide retreated to Necrocrypt. They saw Sahuld's rugged terrain and ancient guardians something not worth the time in clearing. They re-built Mezzorn on the isle's southern tip, guarding the sea approaches to Necrocrypt's main island, heart of an undead empire with too many enemies to count. Under the reign of Black Tide's Second Dead Council, the island was turned to sport, like in late Abâthigûran fashion, an area for testing a soldier or unit's meddle or sending those out of favor to their doom.

Sahuld is very rugged island, cut with deep gorges and defiles, overgrown with vegetation, and frequently swept with rain and wind. Even with the Black Tide controlling Necrocrypt, undead generally steer clear of Sahuld's northern half. This area is home to a lot of creatures specialized in combating undead. Beyond things like rot reavers, are beasts and predatory plants brought in from islands across Midrêth, the deadliest, the most cunning, once things of Abâthigûran big game hunting that have endured.

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