Eldritch Civil War

Period1017 - 1027
BelligerentsEldritch Conclave
Khirrêth Pact

In the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), the people of the First Khazarkar Empire fled their Gulimbor homeland. The reason for this was the Gulimbor Catacylsm. This magical devastation was brought on by the actions of the Eldritch Conclave. Their unhindered use of magic to defeat their enemies in the Domination Wars caused tears in the Web of Magic, depopulating the region as they sought safety in distant lands. The Khazarkar went north as far as Cinazan. Seen as reckless leaders, the people began to lose faith in the empire's magocracy government. The spark that led to civil war occurred in the Battle of Satheon. The Khazarkars suffered a crippling naval defeat, losing ships much needed for ferrying and escorting ships north from Gulimbor and across three seas to reach Cinazan's Skegjold sector. This defeat led to an uprising against the Eldritch Conclave. This was backed by the Minâth-Nôrî and armies of the Church, one serving the interest of Set, and the other Kebechet.

In the Battle of Gonak, the Church of Set deviously held back their forces while the other armies sent their troops into slaughter. Finally, seeing the most opportune time to destroy the army of the Eldritch Conclave, the Church of Set moved their troops against their enemy's flank. The battle ended with force depletion on all sides but those of the Church of Set. For the remainder of the war, the Church of Set had not only the largest army of the Khirrêth Pact, but the best led.

By 1026, the Khirrêth Pact had assembled a large navy. This force was needed to assail the Conclave island holds and their capital city Bandunazân.

In 1027, the Eldritch Conclave was defeated. Popular opinion was for the great leaders of the Church. The empire's magocracy government was replaced by the Pharzîmrâth theocracy. Leaders of the Church of Kebechet that sought a role in this new government were sidelined or imprisoned. The Minâth-Nôrî, the usual to rule the empire, were cautious. They figured that a government built on religion would not last. When it became the norm, solidified by each new Setarch, most of these families went west with the growing reach of the Second Khazarkar Empire.

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  • Battle of Gonak