League Of Magicks

CategoryMage Guilds
RegionHells Womb
DeitiesArcana, Ptah
Symbolweb radiating a magical aura
EnemiesEldritch Conclave
Established24 Hollow 761
Disbanded6 Brightstar 1200

The League of Magicks was founded by a group of Khazarkar mages out of Chal-Kazod. When the people of Gulimbor were driven out by the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), the guild moved its operations to Hells Womb. The reason they moved it here instead of with the Khazarkar migration, was because they were enemies of the Eldritch Conclave. The new headquarters of the League of Magicks was established at the Kal-Oni city Uriall-Madiess.

The guild was known to practice the same spells that led to the devastation of Gulimbor with the Gulimor Cataclysm. They also practiced and experimented in dangerous magical practices like web weaving.

In 845, they established the Portal Sentinels. This sub-section of the League of Magicks was tasked with finding tears in the Web of Magic, like rifts and feywild fuses.

In 1105, their magic revealed that the emperor of Kal-Oni was not who he seemed to be. Using powerful magic to cloak his identity, the lich Caliguworm had killed the emperor and was ruling in his stead. The wizards of the League of Magicks captured Caliguworm. He was sentenced to spend eternity in a Hibernation Bay. It is said that the goddess Athena sent her lover, the Solar Ephenon, to make sure that the League of Magicks were capable of carrying out the task.

Even after the lessons learned from the Gulimbor Cataclysm, the dabbling in volatile magic continued in the guild. On 6 Brightstar 1200, the League of Magicks caused a massive rip in the Web of Magic. The rip tore away enormous chunks of the earth and left a deep rift. Uriall-Madiess, the headquarters of the League, fell into the canyon that would become known as Othrangad. Nearly all of the guild members and the entire population of the city were lost. After this disaster, the Kal-Oni government this guild.

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