RegionHells Womb
Class30th druid
Racewood elf
TitleNuminous Hierophant
DeityThe Balance
Born28 Bloom 855 LE
Transcended5 Hollow 11 HE

In 1245, Springflower was made the Nature Protectorate of Hells Womb. She makes her home in Isaril and is easily the oldest of all the Nature Protectorates. She comes from the Arquar tribe. She left this group long ago on the urgings of Silvanus who asked her to head to Hells Womb and monitor a great migration in the near future. This migration happened a hundred years later, and came to be known as the Great Exodus (998 - 1017).

Springflower is an aloof and distant wood elf. Perhaps her aloofness is why she missed being Ascended. She is ancient by anyone's calculation, though she has never told anyone her age, I gather she was born sometime during the Lith-Crillion Era.

- Chisel, excerpt from personal journal, "Observations of the Glade Summit"

Springflower's aloofness fits well with the governments of Hells Womb. Her influence over the various state's affairs have been minimal, which probably has something to do with the high number of humanoids and empires in her Protectorate. The aloofness of Springflower does not extend to evil forces. She has actively engaged with them on several occasions. In 1052, she summoned a powerful storm that lasted three days. This storm extended from Gwaeldior into the Gathol Hills. This caused awful conditions for troop movements and resulted in the Foronir spilling over its banks. The storm gave the elves of CelebriƤn, under siege by Naggor and his army, a chance to escape to the western tracts of Gwaeldior. The dwarves of Strumpktar and those of the Gathol Hills were none to happy with Springflower's unnatural storm. They sent their own druids to her and requested that she cease control her storms in the future, which Springflower coolly replied, "In dark times, we must all make sacrifices to keep evil at bay". During the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), she often used her heightened powers in controlling weather to hamper the movements of the Black Tide. She despised the undead desecrating the land and took special delight in dispatching them. Her brazen attacks resulted in her capture twice, yet her ability to charm mortals with her beauty got her free each time.

Springflower is known for her beauty and allure. Her comeliness is so great, that some have mistaken her for Melora. No doubt, foolish mortals whom have spoke this openly have on occasion suffered the wrath of Melora.