Ilaruk Gongril

Businessiron trade, iron mining, transport
RegionCinazan, Grashakh
DeitiesGruumsh, Set, others
Symbolchunk of iron ore
Established11 Bliss 1481

Ilaruk Gongril, High Orc for Iron Works, was established during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). Orc merchants, taking advantage of the war prices for iron, formed the company to mine for iron ore and to move it to Gúluzgash. From this Orchish Empire city, the iron was traded then traded with Black Tide buyers. After the war, the company moved operations to other theaters of conflict and traded with either side of the conflict. As a result of this neutrality in business, they always seem to be uncovering spies among their employees. The company has done well with all the conflicts between the Orchish Empire and the Khazarkar Empire. The company's actions follow the needs of the company over national interests. This business practice has gotten them into trouble many times with those they seek as buyers. The company has been known to employ assassins to eliminate competition and spends large amounts of coin on lobbyists.

Ilaruk Gongril is a very large company with markets across Cinazan, Grashakh. The company seeks to monopolize the trade in iron ore. They are also the sole distributors of Elem-Guard across Grashakh and Cinazan.