Regionsee below
Racevaries by region
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeityRioch Tetrax
Purposespread disease and other ills upon the lands and its people
Established13 Temporal 1084

Sanagar-Umlâs is a disease spreading cult founded during the time of the Kal-Oni. This cult was established by former members of Bralda-Balc. It is one of the most reviled and hated cult in the realm.

The famine and disease spread by Sanagar-Umlâs kills more people than the the wars they join as a side act or follow upon the heels bringing ills upon an already weakened and despaired population.

- Saint Cathandril, from a sermon at Krumisbar - "Abyss Loved Cultists"

In 1420, Paradomea and the Council of Bile outlawed Sanagar-Umlâs from Hells Womb. This was done because of several disastrous plagues attributed to the cult's practices. The cult members fled west into the Lands of Purity and sold their services to the Ningizzida. They established a base in Sinarag. Tragarans, the original founders of the cult, soon perished at the hands of Yuan-ti and Lorhazi rivals looking to take the cult down a more darker path.

By the 1700s, cells of Sanagar-Umlâs were again spreading disease in Hells Womb and and establishing a foothold in the Aerie of Dragons.

Sanagar-Umlâs is responsible for creating the first rat swarm and plaque spewer. They have dozens of these monster types protecting their headquarters and probably a few protecting the regional cells. The racial make-up of the cult varies by region.

Cells of Sanagar-Umlâs
Pest DeepAerie of DragonsSapthirukLonowkrarg
Sewer CavityHells WombUndercityMaggot Feeder