Library of Records
RegionHells Womb
LocationParadomea City
Built4 Temporal 1039

Nuciregmas is a great marble complex of Paradomea City. It is colloquially known as the Library of Records, with the foremost collection of records, histories, and works of knowledge in all of Bal-Kriav. It is warded with powerful magic to counter fire, and the guards have access to chambers where they can raise force wards over a vast grid dissecting the entire complex. These have been used to stop thieves in their tracts, or the occasional fight that erupts within a compound where daily numbers reach into the hundreds. Beyond crack living guards are platoons of unseen servants, golems of every caliber - gifts from the Magis Institute, and others that can be summoned in from another world.

When Paradomea was just a small fishing village, its most prominent feature was a strange hill. At the time, the people did not known that beneath the hill was an alien material called the Ebon Bedrock. Initially, the only structure built near this ominous land was the tower of the local sage Nuciregmas. When Nuciregmas died, the tower was taken over by his student. This student named the tower Nuciregmas after his teacher.

This tower would change hands many times over the years, always seeming to pass to a sage, wizard, or other mysterious figure. Each new owner added to it until it became a major burden to upkeep and pay the city's bi-annual value tax.

Colleagues and others seeking to study the mysteries of the arcane, history, and nearly every subject matter took up residence in the place. There were rumors that the place served as a cult or that it was be controlled from something under what many still called the "mysterious hill".

When the Council of Nine came to power as Paradomea's authority, Nuciregmas was purchased from their debt ridden owners. The city turned it into a library. The Syndics instituted a drive of collecting historical data from peoples in distant lands, and later with the arrival of the Giff League, the histories of peoples on distant worlds. The Giff League were poor at keeping records, especially solid information on various historical events, so it wasn't till the arrival of the Deep Six when a more serious study of alien history could be done and incorporated into Nuciregmas archives which were in its fifth century approaching nearly a hundred thousand unique books, scrolls, and writings.

Nuciregmas and its beautifully sculpted grounds are administered by the Loremasters of Ermikel. They allow anyone to enter the place and read the records of the realm. There are fees to enter certain areas of the building. These area typically hold old works or specialized knowledge.

Many fountains, some concealing magical guardians, are located in the grounds of the library. The water from these basins are linked together by a series of canals, which are in turn spanned by teak-wood bridges. The bridges connect the many islands of adjoining buildings, which serve as living quarters, study areas, and scribing chambers for the staff.