Great Exodus

Period998 - 1017

The Great Exodus was a period when vast numbers of people migrated from Gulimbor and border areas of the Azrik region. The refugees of these regions fled from either the First Khazarkar Empire and or the havoc wrought by a magical cataclysm that came out of the Domination Wars. Tears in the Web of Magic, leading to the Gulimbor Cataclysm, inevitably drove out five nations and many of its peoples. Gulimbor and the upper northeastern edge of Azrik became a land virtually uninhabitable.

The Domination Wars, a war by the First Khazarkar to dominate all empires on Gulimbor, led to nearly a million people for safer living. The Cal-Thaoun Dynasty, the Burterinii, and the Niratar Theocracy went to Hells Womb, Ma'Ohari, and the Lands of Purity, respectively. The Melephaeusans resettled on Gathrot, largest island of a group of islands to become known as Necrocrypt. Half of Borillisk went and joined up with the minotaurs in Ba'lith and the other half went to Sahuld, also of Necrocrypt, where after a little over a century they were wiped out by ancient evils.

The First Khazarkar Empire, the empire that started all of this, including the Gulimbor Cataclysm, was the last to abandon their conquered region. For them, it was a forlorn victory. Gulimbor under Khazarkar over-lordship, was becoming a broken land, suffering under magical storms and magical creatures running amok. Unnatural storms, changing weather patterns, wild magic surges, and the warping of animals and monsters. Many of the natural creatures of the land changed to dire types, or were changed into aberrations like the Gulimbor Tainted.

The migration of such large populations required herculean efforts by the people. Logistics, ships, food, water, and the necessary supplies for establishing new settlements were planned over years. Countless ships were manufactured, where not a tree stood for many miles around towns and cities. Crossing the seas did not go without trial. Tens of thousands were lost to storms, pirates, and predators from the deeps.

Exodus Routes from Gulimbor
EmpireDominant PeopleArea AbandonedArea SettledBecame part of
wiped out
Cal-Thaoun DynastyTragaranMa'Ohari
Hells Womb
Niratar TheocracyTragaranAzrikLands of PurityFarinteen Empire
First Khazarkar EmpireKhazarkarGulimborCinazanSecond Khazarkar Empire
MelephaeusaKriavian ElvesAzrikNecrocryptundead, scattered