Opulent Eye Orb 398

Tyrant Crags
AliasOrb 398
Formed22 Dreamer 1453 DE

One of the four moons of Bal-Kriav, Opulent Eye was created in the Dawn Era by a world-making creationist named Benevolence. Cataloged as Orb 398, it got its current name from its ruby colored glow, and its rare resources. A mini-world, it is suited for those comfortable in an arid environment dominated by hills, crags, canyons, and mesa dotted plains, deserts and tundras.

Water is scarce, controlled by petty warlords or guarded by a bastion owned by some off-moon people. The greatest dangers are its beholders, the scion of Beldileck.

- from Sanguine Whisper field notes found at Outpost Prime

For nearly a millennia of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), this moon was under control of the primordials and their master, a primordial lord named Beldileck. A Sentient Creationist, he gave life to the Beholder race on this moon.

Notable Areas
Notable Resources