Opulent Eye Orb 398

Tyrant Crags
AliasOrb 398
Formed22 Dreamer 1453 DE

Opulent Eye is one of the four moons of Bal-Kriav. It was created in the Dawn Era by the god Benevolence. It is a mini-world with habitable conditions best suited for those who can eke it out in an arid environment. Most reports of the moon tell of dry air, arid conditions, with a landscape dominated by hills, canyons, and mesa dotted plains, deserts and tundras.

Water is scarce and often controlled by petty warlords or guarded by a bastion owned by some off-moon people. The danger of beholders is ever present, as they dwell in great numbers on a moon named for them.

- from Sanguine Whisper field notes found at Outpost Prime

Opulent Eye radiates a red glow. On bright nights, the moon radiates a soft red glow on the surface of Bal-Kriav. It is during these times, that healing of all types are more slightly more effective on Bal-Kriav.

For nearly a millennia of the Creation War, this moon was under control of the primordials. For most of this time it was under the watch of the primordial lord Beldileck. With Powers of Creation, he gave life to the beholder race on this moon. They were specifically built to cope with the rugged conditions of the moon and to act as a security force. Today, they are one of the more dangerous races to encounter here.

One of the more notable resources of the moon is saranite.

Perhaps the most powerful empire of Opulent Eye is Abhômaipeth. This empire is led by descendants of the beholders that rebelled against Beldileck and the primordials in the Creation War.

Notable Areas
Notable Resources