RegionNorthern Hordelands
Built4 Lunar 9005 GE

Ara'rya is an ancient monastery built in the Demon Spawn War. Like other such places dotting Kuli-Cir's deep groves, it was known for training Covenant monks, mentalists, and martial artists.

In 1545 HE, Githzerai refugees of the Incarsabec Rebellion (1531 HE - 1544 HE), found their way to the world Bal-Kriav. Said to have been guided by their god Ptah, they headed for Kuli-Cir, re-occupying eight ancient monasteries. Ara'rya was one of these. The githzerai cleared the ruin of forest and beast, making it their home. As their population increased, they spread to the other highland monastery ruins. Each of these places were independent, thousands of githzerai all living a monk-like existence, dealing with others when they had to.

In 1329, Athenas Lanterns, a holy order of knights and priests out of Holy Sanctum, attacked a nest of witches holed up in what was then a long-abandoned ruin. When the crusaders began to batter the ancient monastery walls, Theegan witches released a demon. They gambled that it would help them defeat holy inquisitors giving no quarter to those consorting with demons. This demon, Dvr'jiss Jagg, did not stick around to help. Ara'rya was sacked, the witches were rounded up and consumed by holy fire.

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