Deaths Kindle Orb 396

Deaths Kindle
AliasOrb 396
FocusShadow Energy

During the first year of each new decade, the coal black moon Deaths Kindle appears in Bal-Kriav's skies for five months. This produces an event called the Shade of Darkness. This horrible period is fraught with massive undead activity. The night sky is lit by a dim purple aura from the magic and radiation of this moon. The practice of sorcery and necromancy is at its peak during another cycle called the Zenith of Darkness. The dire time of this cycle happens every 592 years.

Some folk believe Deaths Kindle it to be the pure essence of the negative energy and home to Thasmudyan and his legions of undead. There is some truth to this belief. At the core of this moon is a ball of negative energy called the Death Ball. It is of comparable mass to the Cube of Arcane, 50 miles on a side. Both are sources of great energy, the Cube of Arcane is the source of arcane energy for Bal-Kriav. The sphere at the heart of Deaths Kindle is a source of negative energy, drawn upon by those using necromancy or creatures like undead who are powered by it.

The sky is dark, with an eerie purple glow coming off the moon called Deaths Kindle. It's not uncommon for this moon's aura to bring melancholy to even the toughest of wills.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Deaths Kindle has no atmosphere. It has a perpetually dark side and a shadowy side. The dark side is an area of Shadowfell. The shadowy side is one where life energy has a better chance of survival, that is if they find a pocket of air or have no need to breath oxygen.

In 1803, the council leaders of Crimson Eye, Inc journeyed to Deaths Kindle and discovered a vast undead bastion. They found Ink Hold and met with an exiled lich named Queen Dras'ee. They have been quiet on why they were there and what they communicated about.

One of the most valuable resources of this moon is the metal gloomstar.

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