Sapthiladân Garaldrarg

Founded9 Artifice 9401 GE

Garaldrarg was built in the God Era by stone giants serving under the primordial Geb. In that era's greatest war, Geb was an ally of the Quara'tun Covenant. His stone giants battled the demons invading Bal-Kriav in the Demon Spawn War. After resisting dozens of sieges, it fell on 13 War March 9472 GE. Nearly 20,000 demons assailed the place, led by a myrmyxicus named Titarhaz.

Garaldrarg is of special interest to our people, for it was the stone giants who built this great bastion. In the greatest war of the God Era, the Demon Spawn War, Garaldrarg was a beacon of strength. The primordial lord Geb blessed the place, boasting that it would never fall. Its great walls and mighty garrison resisted dozens of sieges. In its last siege it repelled nineteen assaults before being overwhelmed by horde of demons numbering in the tens of thousands. When it fell, those that escaped saw it as a sign of disfavor, so they left the place to ruin.

I think they were mistaken, he never lost faith in those at Garaldrarg, his words were simply for morale - that eventually ran out.

- Korin Hagdi, to his stone giant grandson Anutrax - "Stone Home"

Garaldrarg is sited at the southernmost tip of the Thurnâtha highlands. It has enormous 500' high walls dotted with otherworldly stones. One in every five stones is an anchor for the stones around it, with the master stone quarried from the Endless Wall.

Garaldrarg goes deep underground and has a vast cistern and numerous passages leading to Faeglor.

When the Khazarkar Empire pushed into sector Melvad, Garaldrarg was home to several hundred gnolls. In Brightstar 1399, of the reign of Imruk, these humanoids were driven off. The ruin became a new Khazarkar settlement. They renamed it Sapthiladân in honor of Imruk's family. Under Khazarkar rule, the city became a major depot for iron and timber coming out of the Thurnâtha mountains.

Rax looks down from the Pillar, at the smoky battlefield surrounding a city constructed in the last century of the God Era. It has imposing walls and buildings. The outer streets were built by the Khazarkars, people a third of the size of the giants who originally lived here. At the heart of the city is a giant-build citadel, massive in scale. This central keep is the size of a Khazarkar town, a place once called home by the region's stone giants. The Khazarkars have expanded outward from this ancient edifice, so that today this inner citadel and the city around it can comfortably house a quarter-million souls.

- from the Godspawn Saga

In 1832, the war Cinazan Front was raging across Cinazan. In the battle for the city, the Khazarkar Empire defenders were attacked from within by a secret cell of Entropy. On 7 Witchrite 1832, the Pillar of Horns, captained by Raxcvillibus, dropped an Entropy Arch into the city's central square. This blew out the city's northern wall, leading to its capture by the Flux Pact. Unlike other places taken in the past, turned into chaos ruins, this city was proclaimed off-limits to the taint of the chaos behemoths.

Why is that ship in the area? What does Ba'lith have to gain in this war? or is their emperor up to his ears in debt for that behemoth's expense and now turned to mercenary work?

- Banalkhôr, city commander, combat journal - "Siege of Sapthiladân"

When the Entropy Arch was opened, it instantly killed its openers. These Entropy cultists were fanatic in their desire to sacrifice themselves for the feeling of joining with pure Chaos. The energy of Chaos poured out of it, blazing a path of destruction. Numerous buildings were reduced to rubble, and thousands of people were slain instantly. It knocked down part of the northwestern walls and then the energy wave flowed into Thurnâtha where it sheared off part of the mountains. These great cones, buoyed by entropic energy, floated upwards like sky islands, thereafter becoming known as Skyldr-Kerthjorg.

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