Military - Council of Bile

StateCouncil of Bile

The Council of Bile has a naval presence that is growing stronger each passing decade. Their neighbors in Hells Womb and the Lands of Purity limit the land expansion of this empire. Thus, the people have turned to colonialism and naval aggression to increase their honor, the guiding principle of the Council of Bile, and to expand their influence and territorial holdings.

The most feared military arm of the Council of Bile is their cavalry. The use of steeds, horses in the beginning, came from the leadership of the Biles. This family has horsemanship dating back to their time in Gulimbor, when they provided Cal-Thaoun Dynasty with a steady supply of mounts. The Council's mounted units field hundreds of knights and steeds, all heavily armored, and magically warded in their Elem-Guard. The Council's mounts are mostly comprised of griffons and blue dragons, and land-based steeds like horses, dragon hybrids, elephants, and minotaur lizards.

Knights Fleet
Knights Fleet

The Knights Fleet is the aggressive force used to expand the territories and spread the influence of the Council of Bile. The navy has been built up to a formidable force, and at a considerable expense. The navy is named for its Knight-Captains, ship leaders who carry the principles of knightly virtue and honor to the seas. These knight-captains are prestigious and honorable stations for high-born citizens of the Council of Bile. Knights Fleet is based out of Port Bile.

The Holy Armada of Malacost and the Ora Tubruš have on several occasions fought the "upstart" navy of the Council of Bile. These empires are not always belligerents; sometimes they act in concert against pirating.

Orders of War

The Orders of War began as an alliance in 1279. General Rozol Bile brought four large military orders together, helping quell unrest and bring the southwestern corner of Hells Womb under one government.

Even though the Council of Bile has many knightly orders, only the four serve as permanent members of the military.

Orders of War
Corps of the ApocalypseGathargûl
Ladies of CastrationSaknussem
Wardens of AspungadGelugon Range

Notable Personages
Admiral Gima-KilcNaval Might - The Nordern