Rerkvorg Pacification Campaign

Period1323 - 1410
TheaterLands of Purity
Belligerentsmilitary groups of the Council of Bile
indigenous peoples of Rerkvorg

The Rerkvorg Pacification Campaign was an effort funded by the Council of Bile to expand their territories into Rerkvorg and build settlements, outposts, and castles. This campaign was a military one, since the inhabitants of the area were generally opposed to any more competition and especially from an empire seeking to expand into the wilds of the valley. The Council of Bile employed mercenaries and dozens of knightly orders to break the resistance of the valley. The rebels were stone giants, hill giants, goblins, Kenku and the Tunesti tribes of Urkthal.

The campaign was a lengthy one, lasting almost a century. There were long lulls in the conflict, with only raiding and retribution, but after a time a build-up would occur, or a northern push to grab more land. There were also times when both sides sought peace and periods when alliances were formed between the strangest of groups. There were also several periods when Guthnimor and Paradomea secretly funded the forces opposed to the Council of Bile. For both, they sought to stall the expansion of the Council of Bile for political and commercial reasons.

One of the premier knightly orders to fight in this area was the Corps of the Apocalypse. They often headed the major military operations, heroically leading these advances from the front. They buried their dead, and others were to follow, at a place near the center of the valley. This cemetery is called Rerkvorg Tribute. It is dotted with great monuments of heroes that fell in the Rerkvorg Pacification Campaign.

When the conflict ended, Rerkvorg was securely in the hands of the Council of Bile. Over the next century, the area was carved up into fiefdoms. It was an brutal period with dozens of mini-conflicts between the knightly orders. When the area stabilized, civilians were encouraged to come and take claim of the land. In 1501, the first major non-militarized settlement was founded with Port Bile.