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Manduggiss is one of three strange sunken lands of Zyrath. It covers an area roughly 60 miles east to west and 160 miles north to south. A depression in the land, it drops 800' down to a hilly jungle basin. From topside, during the day, the depression is covered in a haze. Beneeath this layer is a humid jungle-like environment unnatural for the latitude.

In 16 LE, ex-Covenant soldiers that once served under Ptah came here from Achamâz. These were Sig-Lorm colonists looking for a new home. With knowledge of the area from their Covenant service, they were quite aware of the place's great curse, yet descended anyways. They says they were drawn to the jungle setting, after living for centuries at Achamâz, their Gorantin side was released, they felt true freedom. By the Second Epoch, opinions had changed for many. The arrival of outsiders, gave them the opportunity to leave.

In 1481, Squad X7E discovered the Sig-Lorm lurking in this great trench. They also encountered other tribes, all worshiping a particular animal as herald of their powerless gods. This powerlessness comes from a powerful curse placed on the area. The first part of this curse is that no Divine Power can be collected from the confines of the depression. For Higher Powers, this means the people of this area, though important to some, don't provide much in return. They are likewise cut-off from receiving divine energy, the stuff of priests. The dwellers of Manduggiss make-up for this by having a long history of healing with alchemy and herbs. The second part of the Manduggiss Prison Curse is that any who stay here for one year, cannot leave unless in the accompaniment of someone from the outside. This curse, a product of one of Yeenoghu's demon witches, is of such magical composition, that to break it would have led to even worse side-effects. As a result, when the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) ended, the Covenant left it, putting up dozens of great monoliths, each with words that changed for the language of the onlooker - warning them of the curse. With the protectors of the mortals gone in the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), Yeenoghu sent his mortal agents to these great monoliths where they pulled them down, then rolled them into what a century earlier was a game prison.

For nearly a century of the Demon Spawn War, Yeenoghu controlled a large swathe of the surrounding region and the deeps beneath it. Manduggiss was Yeenoghu's holding pen for prisoners. Therein games of hunter and prey were carried out, a death sentence for most. Things got wilder when great reptiles were brought in from other worlds, some from the great jungles of Abyssm; before it was fully under the heel of Demogorgon.

Manduggiss jungle-like conditions and temperatures are not fully understood. The general theory is that it has something do with the petrified bones of the great reptiles brought here from Abyssm. Anchors to Abyssm, they created an alien environment that is unnatural for a place in this latitude.

Excerpt from the Annals of Squad X7E

There is a lure about this place, as if things are better down below. Its a general feeling, so light that we were all drawn in by the Manduggiss Prison Curse. We were briefed on this, the leaders saying we were on a short mission, nothing as long as it takes to become trapped.

Entering a seemingly forgotten sunken land, we were accosted by bugs. Me and the rest of Squad X7E were weary of this mission. We had previously encountered a gold dragon that was supposed to be benevolent by all normal standards. We soon found out after the beast had breathed deadly fire upon us, that a red dragon had raised this particular gold dragon. The beast even quipped, "I was raised by the reds" when one yelled that the beast was supposed to be a good creature.

I digress, returning to the jungle path; we were spread out and maintaining good marching order. The group was on high alert after the encounter with the wyrm.

Thunderous crashes echoed from ahead of us. Gillian Thunderbringer was leading the march. We held our ground, waiting to see the cause of the rumble. Soon thereafter, many giant reptilian creatures begin running towards us. It was a stampede!

Chasing the stampeding herd was this huge reptile, easily 25' tall. A two-handed sword could fit in the beast's maw. "The reptile is the dreaded tyrannosaurus!" exclaimed Mogert.

All the members of the group except one, poor young Gillian took to climbing the trees. Now the trees were no protection to this creature. It would be on us in ten seconds, but perhaps the beast would concern itself with chasing the herd.

Gillian Thunderbringer hefted his great battle-ax from his back, and quickly named it "By Ares, grant T-Rex Slayer the power to lay low this terrible lizard."

Perhaps if Ares were listening he would have granted the youth some wisdom instead of a blessing on his pathetic weapon.

The reptile approached Gillian on long thunderous strides and the feeble humanoid raised his great-ax to meet the beast. Squad X7E looked on with pity and sadness as the tyrannosaurus swallowed young Gillian with one bite.

Like the wise thought, the beast was more concerned with the herd and continued to pursue the creatures. That night, we slept high aloft in the trees.

- Scipio, from the Annals of Squad X7E - "Into Manduggiss"

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