RegionHells Womb

Ghar-Lakh is a vast swamp northeast of Paradomea City. It sits in a pocket bordered by mountain ranges and hills. In the summer months, the place is hot and muggy. making the region hot and muggy.

This dreary wetland is the home to numerous Graagvrii. They are descendants of Ladneg's Graagvrii army that served under Demogorgon in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE).

The area's more intelligent denizens use the swamp's abundant quantities of peat as a fuel source for fires and trade. During the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), the Tragarans arrived on Lirgaza's southern coasts. Here they began rebuilding their civilization, trading with the Graagvrii north of their settlements.

The Graagvrii went to war with the Kal-Oneans over mineral claims in the Mynzuth hills. This Ghar-Lakh War ended in 1022 with the Kal-Oni agreeing to share some of their mining profits. This trade relationship, along with a number of military agreements, still persists under the empire of Paradomea.

A noxious weed called Wastial Scrub grows in this area. This plant is fodder to the waste cows and other plant-eaters. As a defensive measure, many of these creatures have learned how to expel the potent methane gas produced by consumption of this weed. There are thousands of methane pods in these wetlands. The more intelligent creatures of the area use these trees as weapons to incapacitate prey.

Notable Resources