Phaze Keep

Phaze Keep - Kazgon
OwnerOrchish Empire
Built26 Kindle 917

Phaze Keep was built by a wizard-monarch of Tamlêrran named Nârzâtik. Built in secret, at the expense of the state he was governing, it was never finished. When Zenduram spies learned of his doings. Since the keep was built to pierce the Elemantum Boundary Ward, a violation of the laws of Tamlêrran, the empire sent forces to arrest Nârzâtik and destroy the keep. Since it was not yet complete, Nârzâtik could only use the keep's power of teleportation. Phaze Keep was used to teleport him to an area of the Giant Steps. In relative security, deep in the bowels of the mountains, Nârzâtik continued to work on the place. When he died, the keep remained hidden for a millennia, shielded in the deeps of Imgangreth.

In the Second Epoch, Umahanbad miners dug into the cavern hiding the long-lost keep. In 1298, in deep debt to Drog'paagol, the keep changed hands.

Phaze Keep is a magical castle located in a gargantuan cavern surrounded by the fortifications of Nir-Madyin. It has four outer towers, the spokes, joined to a hovering central tower that is a hollowed out earth mote.

Phaze Keep's can teleport from its location inside of Nir-Madyin to any flat, unoccupied area of the Elemantum Continent. Phaze Keep is one of a few devices capable of bypassing the Elemantum Boundary Ward.

In 1801, the heroes of Crimson Eye used the device in their adventurers across Elemantum.