Deep Bred

Deep Bred
Creation19 Brightstar 1018

In the middle part of the First Epoch, the Hydrocur began making coastal raids and attacking ships sailing through the Buccaneer Archipelago. Female Tragarans, Khazarkars, and other races were captured. At the time, few knew why the Hydrocur were taking the females into the depths. The Hydrocur attacked fast and stealthy, subduing any opposition, killing only when absolutely necessary, then carried their female prisoners beneath the waves.

Around 1055, pirates were giving reports of half-breed humanoids dwelling on the islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago. There were entire villages of these creatures, with many of them carrying out pirating and coastal raiding on Brucrumus, Straiden, and Karterus.

Today, the Deep Bred can be found in most, if not all, of the holdings in the Buccaneer Archipego. Deep Bred are much much sought after by pirate gangs for their ability to operate equally on land and in the water.

Deep Bred are part humanoid and part amphibian. They can be of any humanoid race and are typically found in areas around the Sea of Mourning and the Pearl Sea. They are equally at home on land and in water. They have a yearning to be close to the seas, so few will be encountered far inland. They have gills behind their ears or along their neck, webbing between their toes and fingers, and scales scattered about their body. The amount of webbing varies by creature, with some more adept at swimming than others. Their skin color and build varies by their humanoid race, but will generally be much more lithe, muscular and slender. Some Deep Bred have large merciless shark-like eyes.

Racial Traits
Aquatic -1 square from land speed, +50% swim speed
Hydrocur Chemistry hold breath 5x
Racial as base race
Energy Composition
Life Energy52%
Water Energy11%