Rilthang The Chameleon

one of the forms of Rilthang
AliasThe Chameleon
Raceprimordial naga
Alignmentneutral evil
Born11 Bloom 6700 DE
Died17 Witchrite 1120

Rilthang was an extremely cunning naga that came to renown during the Dawn Era. Lukoon claims that he raised her from hatch-ling to maturity. Rilthang learned her guile and deception in this war, serving as a agent of the primordials and sometimes their enemies. She was so deceptive that neither the primordials or the angels could ever figure out if she was working for them or the enemy, yet her "intel" on the enemy was so good that both relied upon her knowledge. She was undoubtedly a double-agent, never truly serving any side. Even when suspected of duplicity, she proved to be a complete mystery, always seeming to have the right answer to cover her tracks. She ended up duping both sides of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) and then again in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). The Covenant saw her as a serious problem that would have to be dealt with when the demons were driven from the Mortal Systems. In the meantime, even with the problems she caused for them, her intelligence and help were too good to pass up.

Over the epochs, she has cunningly manipulated friend and foe for her own malign purposes, and to such an extent that nobody has ever been able to figure out if she was the one pulling the strings. Her art of concealing herself was so masterly that when she was in the form of a Makarrûs, she was detected as one - lawful good, a friend of the angels, and when she was with the primordials she appeared as a Lorhazi, and to all magic and even torture, as a loyal minion of whoever she was currently serving or pretending to serve. She was never so powerful as to be major threat in any physical or magical combat to the greats, yet she excelled in manipulating others through charms and the power of her words.

On 17 Witchrite 1120, Rilthang she was killed by the Fists of Atlas. It is said she persisted even after death by trapping her soul in a phylactery (c.f. Last Ralban).

Perphaps Rilthang's greatest act of duplicity was what became known as the Great Betrayal.