Lenassu Dras'ee

Lenassu Dras'ee
LocationDeaths Kindle
Class30th lvl necromancer / 18th lvl psionicist
RaceVith'kirr (Minâth), undead
Queen of Ink Hold1585 - Present
Queen of F.K.E.974 - 993
Alignmentlawful evil
Born29 Bloom 951
Undead17 Saunas 1515

Lenassu Dras'ee is a Minâth Vith'kirr.

In 970, at the young age of 19, she established a network of spies and assassins called the Kamrazîr. This guild served her interests and those of the First Khazarkar Empire. It became one of the earliest guilds to perform state sponsored assassinations.

In 974, Lenassu became Queen Dras'ee of the First Khazarkar Empire. Her Kamrazîr were largely responsible for her rise. She eliminated competition, pinning the blame on other rivals. They were too scared to blame her, and not up to the task to take on her assassins.

In 975, she enacted the Khazarkar Purity Edict. As Queen, she reigned until the Eldritch Conclave took power in the Year 993. As a result of the new leader's purging the old guard, she was forced to flee.

Lenassu fled with her children across the Pearl Sea to the Aerie of Dragons. In these regions of the continent Brucumus, she preached the word of Kebechet. For a time, she served as the head necromancer for the Dragon Lord Hegmento. After murdering him, she became the leader of his small army. Over a period of thirty years, she destroyed or subjugated many evil groups.

In 1031, she established the Forermarg empire. Her reign was harsh and bloody - measures of a good leader in the Aerie of Dragons. She ruled for 92 years. After escaping several assassinations, she decided that it was time to move on.

In 1457, she was found by Black Banner in the keep Bana-Zîr. At this place, she was advancing her studies under Archmage Razzir.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), she served in a minor capacity. She became jealous and a threat to the organization when in 1503, the Black Tide leader Katrana married a former Black Tide leader named Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc. It is said that Lenassu spat in Katrana's face:

....a Tragaran and a Minâth bonding? This is an affront and sacrilege to the racial purity of all Khazarkars!

- Lenassu, referring to the Khazarkar Purity Edict - "Impure Bonding"

Lenassu left the Black Tide, traveling far north into the wilds of Grashakh. Accompanying her, was a Minâth Protector named Crick. In Grashakh, she established a base at Spirit Crypt, getting into the affairs of the Ogre Union and the Orchish Empire. These were side affairs, the real work was working to get the Malbazân in position to take back the Khazarkar government.

On 17 Saunas 1515, she gave up her mortality and became a lich. She was helped in this change by a member of the Council of Nine. The person that convinced her to embrace immortality was the Syndic Hidrist. He is widely known as Hidrist the Unforgiving because he seeks revenge on the Khazarkar Empire. He rightly blames them for the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203) and the wars that would force the Tragarans to seek safety on the southern coasts of Hells Womb and the Lands of Purity. He is said to have told Lenassu that she doesn't have time left as a mortal to restore rule by monarchy in the Khazarkar Empire, but by becoming an undead, she could have eternity to plan.

In 1517, she led an army against the Khazarkar Empire. This conflict became known as Dras'ee's War. Her botched attempt to reclaim her birthright in the Empire resulted in imprisonment. In 1519, because of her family name and other factors, she escaped termination. Instead, the Pharzîmrâth had her exiled to a place on the moon Deaths Kindle called Ink Hold. Her sentence was for three centuries (1519 to 1819).

In 1585, after many wars with other undead lords, she became ruler of Ink Hold, taking the title Queen of Ink Hold. It is said that she beat most of her foes by outwitting them, rather than victory by force.

The first Death Ball discovered and recorded was the one at the center of the moon Deaths Kindle. This Death Ball was found in 1713 by a team of ghast explorers serving under Lenassu. It would be another thirty years before news of the discovery found its way down to Bal-Kriav.

After her sentence ended on 1 Temporal 1819, she was free to leave Ink Hold. She opted to stay in this place where she plots the return of Khazarkar rule by the Malbazân.

When she was mortal, Lenassu was a stunningly attractive woman. She was 6' tall, light purple skin, reddish-brown hair, hazel eyes, and of athletic build. She always appeared young of age, perhaps 20, and this youthfulness stayed with her until undead status. This perpetual youthfulness was a result of her being a Vith'kirr.

She has the habit of humming and singing in the most awkward of situations. She was sharp-tongued and bad tempered while mortal, something that only got worse when she became an undead.

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