Suf Sungaar

Suf Sungaar - Hiznaar Goz
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasGas Vent
OwnerAg Envok
Hill Giant1%
Stone Giant1%
Founded30 Lunar 643 HE
MapHiznaar Goz

Suf Sungaar, Draconic for Gas Vent, is a Horgon Era bastion built into the walls of a smoking rift. The gases emitting from the canyon are such that visitors are often nauseous for their first couple weeks.

After the fall of the Zeymah'kein Empire, Suf Sungaar was gripped with unrest, those jockeying for power. Even though the Mir'piamauza lay claim to the area, they struggled to keep the peace. When Mir'piamauza crumbled from internal strife, Suf Sungaar became the home of petty tyrants. Thanks to the efforts of the Gorm Krip, it kept enough law to keep the place relevant. The mines continued to operate, pumping out silver and gemstones, feeding corruption and periodic civil wars.

In 1314, Suf Sungaar fell to the armies of the Ag Envok Empire.

A part of the city, where many of the Kriistvrii reside, has buildings from the time of the Zeymah'keinn. It is an area thick with practitioners of evocation magic, and training center for those dedicated to the magical practices started by Yolos Paagoliik.

This conclave of Kriistvrii mages is said to have been the first peoples to learn spells of fire from the dragons. This form of magic, though similar to other fire magic, is potentially more dangerous because spells of the Path of Yolos Paagoliik will continue to burn for a time after they are cast. Thus, a Yolos Paagoliik fireball would not only wipe the field of the cannon fodder, but it would continue to burn from a sticky substance that burns like being hit by a torrent of cinders. These cinders would then drop those strong enough to survive the initial burst, but not much more.

- Bagul, excerpt from the Arcanum Codex of Magical Studies - "Path of Yolos Paagoliik"

Suf Sungaar holds numerous internal fortresses that serve as either holds of the wealthy or bastions for some powerful organization. The walls and buildings of the city are made of a mixture of stones, lava stone from the volcano Agiid Hil, obsidian hauled over great distances from Hlothram, granite, quartz, and rainbow-hued stone dredged from Suf Qahlon. Debauchery and lawlessness are the mainstays for city's inhabitants. In this city, one's slave count dictates status; even slaves can own other slaves. The city has a considerable number of fire giants, with 4,000 of them serving in the armies of Ag Envok or working the canyon's hellish mines. Nearly all them are descendants of Talothand (212 HE - 780 HE); those favoring the ideals of Primus remained in the general area when Talothand fell, while those of Surtur went west to build anew.

Notable Areas
  • Frin Hil, cell of the Embers
  • Loziik'vun Roost, dragon keep
Civilization Tree
Suf Sungaar
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