CategoryCrack Units
RegionHells Womb, Lands of Purity
HeadquartersParadomea City, Aggis
Alignmentlawful evil
Symbolnine interconnected black triangles
FoundersCouncil of Nine
Established22 Temporal 1319

In 1319, the Githlarâk military unit was established. It began as a special project of the Council of Nine, a means of regulating the movements of the nearly 20,000 githyanki refugees arriving in Paradomea from Vith Niigol. To the Har'kish Empire, these refugees, breaking away in the Har'kish Civil War (1292 - 1312) were subjects that needed to be brought back to the empire for judgment. When they fell under Paradomea's protection, Har'kish backed down. This was because at the time, Paradomea was an important source of trade revenue, for now more important than a bunch of rebels.

From a military society, each githyanki refugee was battle trained and hardened for combat. As such, the Council were quick to take advantage of their military qualities. They proved to be very loyal, strictly following orders, and putting down riots and civil disobedience with ruthless efficiency. The unit's high discipline, thirst for battle, adherence to command, along with advanced weaponry, eventually made them Paradomea's most potent military force.

The Githlarâk serves as an elite guard for both Paradomea City and Aggis. They are outfitted in baroque, high quality armor, wield Gith Lances, and have an assortment of magical gear.

Githlarâk serves under Lorkiee Kal-Oni, the Council of Nine's Syndic of Defence.