Chaos and the Systems of Nawirrûs

CategoryNawirrûs, Sea of Entropy

At the start of the Dawn Era, there was only the Sea of Entropy and the stars outside of it. The Sea of Entropy, often referred to as Chaos, is a vast area of the Void, the center for entropic energy, islands of matter - some as big as moons, a multitude of energy types, and all the building blocks necessary for building worlds and girding them with life. The stars were then empty systems, with no worlds.

Like what is thought to have happened in the Lost Ages, the time before time, stars became anchors for negative entropy. There presence pushed back against Chaos. When Creationists started creating worlds around these stars, a great war ensued. This Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) lasted seven millennia. The defeat of the Primordials meant that Nawirrûs, everything outside the Sea of Entropy is here to stay ... at least as long as the Primordial Lords are kept out.