Blizzard & Firestorm

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Enchantercovet of witches

In 1043, two very powerful artifacts were created by a covet of Theegan witches. These witches used vessels containing the trapped spirits of two ancient chaotic evil dragons, give sentience to two powerful weapons, a icy spear named Blizzard and a fiery greatsword named Firestorm.

The know-how for making these two weapons was helped by a raid on Foropode's old home, the Snowflake Manse. The tomes hauled out of this place held a recipe for making two very powerful magic items. For ten years, a covet of witches, each skilled in enchanting, spent a lot of time and money trying to make these weapons. It was during this time, that the witches got help from the outside. In service to the Witch Queen at Incubus, they got a breakthrough when an agent of Orcus reached out to them. Orcus told them that Snowflake Manse held a forge of great power, one that would succeed in containing their enchantments. The witches reviewed the journals of those that went into the Snowflake Manse. They found nothing mentioned of a forge. They thought it another Orcus lie; a demon, moreover a demon lord, and enemy to Demogorgon with a foothold in the empire, they had good reason to believe that Orcus was up to no good. On the rack, Orcus's agent died, never breaking his story. Word then came from higher up, the Witch Queen told them to pack their bags and either get the weapons crafted at Snowflake Manse or don't come back. They knew then that Orcus had no doubt made a side deal with their Witch Queen.

At Snowflake Manse, in a forge area once used by Foropode, the covet of witches went to work. When they returned home with their creations, they were questioned about where they worked, but none could remember the forge area or anything that happened there.

The enchanting of Blizzard and Firestorm used such great magic that it ripped a hole in the Web of Magic. This tear, the rift Caina Nexus still causes problems across the Gelugon Range, ill-weather, bothersome ice mephits, and icy brutes sometimes not of this world.

In the Witch-Pack War (1190 - 1240), Blizzard and Firestorm were used to devastating effect. They and their wielders united the people of Witch Horde like none others have done to-date. In the war, Theegan champions wielding these two weapons devastated all that came against them. The use of the weapon's greatest powers caused such environmental destruction that it drew the attention of powerful druids and mages. The Theegan champions ended up being taken out by Black Wood and a group of wizards from the Arch-Mages of Merioss. On 5 Hollow 1222, Blizzard and Firestorm were taken to Viressur and placed in a vault.

Recovering the lost relics Blizzard and Firestorm is one of the top goals of the Witch Horde. These quests are vainly pursued, to the great loss of many creatures, for the sentient weapons do not wish to be recovered, and perhaps this is better for both them and the land.

A runic engraving discovered in Elberial by the Golden Elite provided some information on the two relics and of their past:

Court of Fire and Ice I protect - the Fiery Key and the Icy Lock, fiery and hot tempered, the other cold, very cold, calm, and cool-headed.

Complete opposites it seems, but woe to the one so foolish as to separate them. A blizzard or a firestorm of devastating effect, untold energies to wield, yet impossible to control. Destruction shall fall upon the fool that dares part these relics.

Powers to be wielded by gods and not mere mortals. Yet such lords cannot even touch them or send minions to steal them, without their lands becoming leveled in fiery or freezing destruction.

There is an ancient legend called the Court of Fire and Ice. It says an ancient red wyrm and an ancient white wyrm of the Northern Hordelands once lived among the towering peaks of the Sournbracks. The pair of dragons was set upon by a horde of barbarians. Several thousand barbarians fell before the courting dragons.

The barbarian horde sought to free the threat of their livestock from these dragon's brazen attacks. The dragons were slain, but not without a great loss to their clan. The clan's witches bound the powerful spirits of the dragons and created two weapons of unsurpassed power.

The Theegans named one Firestorm and the other Blizzard.

- Quick, excerpt from his book Story of the Golden Elite - "Love Conquers All"