Blizzard & Firestorm

Typeartifacts, scimitar, spear
ForgeSilfergaths Bile
EnchanterHex Rangian

In 1533, the heroes of the Golden Elite liberated the peoples of Elberial. At Viressur, they found a book explaining the history behind two artifacts. Each had the awareness of an ancient dragon, scion of the peaks of Fros Idar, one a red dragon, the other a white dragon. Both very evil, they were madly in love with each other. For nearly a decade, they rained ruin on the Witch Horde. Over the next decade the so-called Court of Fire & Ice were paid a steep tribute. In 1037, the dragon menace was ended. Growing lax, the dragons were tricked and slain; along with a 1,000 Theegan to fire, cold, and claw. When the two dragons perished, the witches of Hex Rangian, skilled in capturing the psyche of wandering soul energy, imprisoned the two dragons in magical vessels.

Blizzard and Firestorm were created with a Ritual of Dragon Binding. Thought to have been lost lore, this recipe was hidden away in the treasures hauled from Foropode's old home, the Snowflake Manse.

Not easy or cheap to pull-off, the Ritual of Dragon Binding ties a dragon's psyche to a vessel, making it sentient. For ten years, a covet of witches, each highly skilled in the art of enchanting, worked to make a functioning piece. A breakthrough came in 1043. An agent of Orcus hinting to the location of a mystical forge named Silfergaths Bile:

There is a secret forge near where your raiders floundered about, laden with gold, drunk from centuries-old wine. Only at this forge will success be guaranteed.

- TX 19, agent of Orcus, to the Hex Rangian - "Secrets of Snowflake Manse"

The information was reviewed, the agent of Orcus tortured for the truth; it is said Orcus took a particular delight in his pawn's misfortune. Across a dozen sources, they found no no mention of any mystical forge. A quarter of the Witch Horde's leaders in a remote and insecure location making magic items was a perfect opportunity for their enemies. Luckily for them, nothing ever bothered them.

At Snowflake Manse, in a forge area once used by Foropode, six members of the Hex Rangian went to work making two legendary artifacts. The enchantments in their making, binding the souls of two ancient dragons, was such that it ripped a hole in the Web of Magic. Today, eight centuries later, this hole, the rift Caina Nexus still causes problems across the Gelugon Range, ill-weather, bothersome ice mephits, and icy brutes more at home on the world of Caina. At Silfergaths Bile, the weapons became the new vessels of the Court of Fire and Ice. An icy spear, a lance of any caliber on horse, was named Blizzard. The other, a scimitar that rained fire, became Firestorm. Very effective when used apart, they were deadly when used by one.

In the Witch-Pack War (1190 - 1240), a series of Witch Commanders wielded Blizzard and Firestorm to devastating effect, uniting the people of Witch Horde like none before. The use of these weapon's greatest powers caused such environmental destruction that it drew the attention of powerful druids and mages. The last to wield these weapons was taken out by Black Wood and a group of wizards from the Arch-Mages of Merioss. On 5 Hollow 1222, Blizzard and Firestorm were secured in the vaults of Viressur.

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