Flay Mad Wizard Flay

RegionGrashakh, Cinazan
Classwizard (conjurer)
Alignmentneutral evil
Born28 War March 1209
Died11 Dreamer 1276

Torazan, better known as Flay, was born in the Orchish capital city Gháshulg. He was nicknamed Flay because he always flayed those he captured or killed. Legend has it, that he first started this sick habit at the Siege of Anarukthalan. The Maroruk battalion was starting their assault on the Azanûl wall. It was to be the first wave to go against the dwarven fortress-city.

I'am General Togrark, soldiers of the Southern Military District, today we will begin the assault on Anarukthalan. In this battle you can expect mostly ballistic damage. Our intel has learned that these dwarves follow the old ways, and have very little magic.

- General Togrark, at the Siege of Anarukthalan - "Commander's Folly"

Torazan's unit began the assault, and within 100' of the walls, four balls of fire flew down from the battlements.

I don't know what made me jump behind a soldier, kick his feet out from under him and bury myself under the body, but it happened and some would say, and I say, that it was Gruumsh's omniscient eye that guided me to safety. Around me soldiers ran about in flames, their skin peeling off and then quarrels slammed into their still burning bodies. There was so much flying from the battlements that the body on top of me begin to get heavier. I cast improved invisibility on myself, then peered out from the body and decided to stop the suicide attack on Azanûl. Luckily, in the chaos of troops storming by I was not knocked over from some orc that could not see me. Then, I unleashed a wall of force on the battlements, which was linked by contingency to a delayed blast sonicball. A deafening boom blew forty defenders from the wall, most of them with limbs missing and crushed bodies. Thereafter, ladders were set and siege towers begin to move forward. General Togrark, came over to me, mostly unscathed from the fireballs and missiles and field promoted me to captain.

When the keep fell, I was still yearning for battle, grew bored and impatient, and set my mind and hands to work gathering all this fine skin.

- Mad Wizard Flay, diary found at Torazan Sanctum - "Fine Skin"

Flay, better known as the Mad Wizard Flay, was raised and trained to be a battle mage of the Orchish Empire. In his later years, he begin to show a careless disregard for the lives of his fellow soldiers which ended up getting him dismissed from the Fograth. He still visited the battlefields though, skinning the fallen and taking cart loads back to one of his hideouts. By way of golem-making tomes read at the Magis Institute and his skin harvesting, Flay would build one of the most powerful golem armies on record. This army, Flays Flesh Golem Army was the garrison that defended Torazan Sanctum.

Flay was killed on 11 Dreamer 1276 by two creatures that he had summoned to Bal-Kriav many years earlier, the death slaad Groggumblus and the hag Thryunkian.

Flay had hideouts in both Grashakh and Cinazan. The most well-known one in Cinazan is Torazan Sanctum. This place is sited beneath the Ânul hills. His main area of residence was in Grashakh, at a place called Tridak.