Khazarkar Purity Edict

Typeevolutionary biology
Period975 - present

The bug world does it, the animal world does it with mares taken to the strongest and healthiest stud of their kind, so why shouldn't we do the same and make the Khazarkars just another step closer to perfect.

- Nîmar Kazanîr, Khazarkar sociologist of the Phâte Ubrî, First Epoch - "Master Race"

The Khazarkar Empire utilize the sacrosanct practice of selective breeding. For over nine hundred years, on advice of the Phâte Ubrî , the empire has a practice of eliminating the weak and undesirable characteristics from their gene pools. This policy is very old, dating to the period of the First Khazarkar Empire when a monarchy reigned. Known as the Khazarkar Purity Edict, it was enacted on 1 Temporal 975 by Queen Dras'ee. It was based on a similar practice used on minotaur slaves under the Minotaur Cultural Edict (420 - 796).

Against this practice, when the Eldritch Conclave came to power in 993, it was stopped.

In 1060, after the Pharzîmrâth had consolidated their hold over the people, they reinstated this edict.

As a result of the Khazarkar Purity Edict, Khazarkars of pure blood are highly evolved - stronger, more dexterous, have greater stamina, intelligence, and comeliness than your average Tragaran. At least that is what the Phâte Ubrî claim. In reality their racial gifts come from Set's use of Danzar-Khâls Surveyor, the artifact he used to create them.

In hard-liner areas, Khazarkar laws and culture forbid interracial relations. Relations outside of a Khazarkar's caste are allowed but not common. Those born from two parents of different castes must have children that caste-up. If the child is born caste-down, then they are either put to death, or exiled. For the latter, they usually end up as an orphan of Khimilêth.

Violations of the Khazarkar Purity Edict can be harsh. A Khazarkar mating with a non-Khazarkar or keeping a half-Khazarkar infant can receive a death sentence and confiscation of property.

Some of the powerful individuals of Khazarkar society become Undead. Though no longer a true Khazarkar, they still retain their rights as citizens of the Khazarkar Empire. The process of becoming an undead is not done in some person's estate or in a lab, but under the direction of necromancers and priests that carefully monitor the subject for any divergence into true evil or drift to insanity.