RegionAerie of Dragons, Lands of Purity
RaceRed Dragon
TitleLord of Iglutt
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born12 Lunar 603
Died17 War March 1064

Raised in the fiery bowels of Yolos Vun, the northern rim of Kii Nev, Apocalypse rose quickly in the ranks of the Thashangriel. His power and treasury were growing so fast that he became a threat to some jealous Muneyd'vith satraps and red dragon generals. In 724, Apocalypse was driven from Thashangriel. He flew far west, setting up a hunting zone across the Lands of Purity. In the Iraktharbhun valley, he gathered an army.

In 736, Apocalypse and his army of Graagvrii, captured Iglutt. In this ancient city, he went on to become protector of the area's goblin tribes, and a thing of worship by the Graagvrii.

In 1064, the firbolg hero Naggor Stormhand besieged Apocalypse's city, capturing it and slaying its long-time ruler.

During his time in the Lands of Purity, Apocalypse flew far and wide to mate with other reds. One of the strongest of his broods was a female red named Apocaleen.

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