Built9 Brightstar 1303

Mieldroon is a large maleraunt fortress in central Kilth. It is renown for training berserker barbarians. Many of Mieldroon's families were once part of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. In the Brothers Enmity War (1697 - 1723), Ba'lith employed maleraunt mercenaries from this hold and from the maleraunt clans of Kilth.

Mieldroon is also known for its raising and market of intellect devourers. A few of Mieldroon's families have been raising these monsters for over a thousand years. Old scrolls found in the Coral Archives of Tâchumâz, say that the maleraunts started this practice at Thegildreon. They are said to have learned this monster husbandry from one of the demons at this Melephaeusan ruin. Intellect devourers have good intellects and a wicked cunning, yet they never seek to dominate their handlers or those they serve at Mieldroon. If they happen to escape out in the wild though, they began to assert themselves, and will begin to revert to their natural wickedness and self-serving interests. One of the most famed intellect devourers to have escaped Mieldroon is Brainus. This particular intellect devourer is exceptionally intelligent and a boss of a powerful criminal syndicate.