Jairall Bloodtusk

Jairall, Taln'nazân Wight-King
Class24th gladiator / 8th death priest
RaceElderaunt (Taln'nazân Wight-King)
Admiral - Ghul Armada1465 - 1800
King - Kingdom of Bloodtusk1465 - 1800
First Dead1464 - 1504
Alignmentchaotic evil
BirthplaceIvory Ward
Born22 Temporal 1432
Undead11 Hollow 1465
Died14 Bloom 1800

Jairall came from a large family; his father's herd was four wives and 18 brothers and sisters. They were known as the Bloodtusks, an honorary clan name given for their long line of successful gladiators. Jairall was one of these, a pit fighter.

In 1465, his first time away from Ivory Aslum, came with a rite of passage called the Hunt for Ivory Storm. It was an undertaking into the jungles of Ma'Ohari, a trial that if passed, would see the rapid growth of his tusks. This expedition led to the formation of a group that would go to become Black Banner and later the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), Jairall served on the First Dead Council and oversaw all naval operations.

In 1465, the first year of the war, Jariall began his conquest of Ivory Asylum's colonial holdings along Ma'Ohari's western coasts. On 6 Bloom 1465, his forces captured Ivory Ward. A day after this, he proclaimed himself King, establishing the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. His kingdom became a refuge for many maleraunts, pirates, and other foul types.

On 11 Hollow 1465, Jairall became a Taln'nazân Wight-King. This transformation, giving up life energy for negative energy, was presided over by his old friend Katrana.

Ending four centuries of Ivory Asylum control of western Anutoth, in 1467, his forces captured Salandirik.

In 1480, his forces captured Ren-Jorusk.

In 1502, he led the naval attack on Milithian. His navy, the Ghul Armada blockaded the city and shelled it for weeks in what became known as the Occupation of Milithian.

Jairall and his wife Cryanus ruled the Kingdom of Bloodtusk for nearly 400 years. Following Elderaunt custom, Jairall had a herd of wives. When he became a Taln'nazân Wight-King, they were rounded up, all turned into wights. Of all of them, Cryanus was his favorite, loyal, powerful and a long-term strategist. One of Jairall's more well-known children, conceived when he was of the living, is Belgunth.

In the Burterinii-Bloodtusk War (1795 - 1800), Jairall's kingdom was beset by the Pirate Lords, hundreds of smaller pirate groups, and the great navy and armies of the Burterinii Empire. All of these groups sought to put an end to people being pressed into service, and then when dying, raised from the dead to serve again. Jairall, in his fourth century as King Bloodtusk, sought help from the south. Envoys from Ba'lith, ruled by his old ally Raxcvillibus, declined the invitation.

Brother, we have been through much together. Our forces have crossed blades. In times of peace, we have grown rich with each other's trade. Ba'lith is at a tipping point, near becoming a equal among nations. Ba'lith will remain neutral for now.

- Emperor Raxcvillibus, diplomatic correspondence to King Jairall - "No Ally in Ba'lith"

Jairall also sought help from his old allies in the Black Tide. The message from the Second Dead Council was that his navy should be saved by joining them at Necrocrypt.

This war cannot be won, the forces moving against you have overwhelming naval superiority. Thasmudyan has bigger plans for us, much bigger than the Kingdom of Bloodtusk.

- Second Dead Dax, leader of the Black Tide, diplomatic correspondence to King Jairall - "No Ally in the Black Tide"

In the war's fifth and last year, in the great naval battle of Bloodtusk Bay, Jairall went down with Godheads Revenge; presumed destroyed.

Their is nobody in history, and probably will never be another, who has blackened the name elderaunts more than Jairall Bloodtusk. He was a ruthless and merciless sea captain that held sway over his men by fear and promises of gold. A clear violation of Ora Tubruš naval tradition and rules of conduct. As a false king, he ruled more like a tyrant than a just sovereign who rules firmly but lawfully. His gave up the honored soul of an elderaunt to become one of most fell types of undead known to exist. I sincerely put forth that Jairall was not an Elderaunt but a Maleraunt. He hid it well, but I'm sure of it.

- Ukha Machašur, elderaunt prosecutor for Ora Tubruš - "Trial of Jairall Bloodtusk (post-humus)"