Founded23 Prey 442

Maurkac was founded by Nermanean settlers out of Rabaranda. It was built in a wild and civilized area, so they built fortifications suited for slingers and crossbowmen. The passages in the towers and walls were also built to fit them comfortably but not so for anything larger. Like Rabaranda, it grew to be a rich city-state of the First Epoch. Upon the formation of the Nermanis empire, Maurkac became its capital.

Before the draining of the Nermanis Sea, this place was a lively and sprawling town of 25,000+ Nermaneans. When the Nermanis Sea drained to no more than a river ( c.f. Avalnin√Ęth ), the Nermaneans became a target for the Gindin√Ęth giants. In the past, the city was on the far side of a sea, but now the giants needed only to traverse the empty ocean basin and ford a river. In 926, the giants joined forces with several large bands of gnolls and sacked the place. Nearly 6,000 defenders fell in the ensuing slaughter.

Today, the place is overgrown with vegetation and lacks a water supply, so the Khazarkar Empire leaves the place to the beasts and brigands.

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