Maurkac - Melvad
Founded23 Artifice 442

Maurkac was founded by Nermanean settlers out of Rabaranda. In a wild and civilized area, they built fortifications suited for slingers and crossbowmen. The passages of her towers and walls were also built to fit them comfortably while being a hindrance to the larger types.

Maurkac was largely responsible for the formation of the Nermanis Syndicate.

Before the draining of the Nermanis Sea, this place was a lively and sprawling city-state of 25,000+ Nermaneans. When the sea became no more than a river , the Avalnin√Ęth, the Nermaneans fell victim to Gindin√Ęth's giants. Once separated by a sea they controlled, giants now only needed to ford a river.

In 926, the giants joined forces with several large bands of gnolls, sacking Maurkac.

Today, the place is overgrown with vegetation and lacks a water supply, so the Khazarkar Empire leaves the place to the beasts and brigands.

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