Dark Revolt

BelligerentsTorvild civil war

In the Year 1481, the Shade of Darkness swept Bal-Kriav. During this period of heightened necromantic power, the isle of Torvild was particularly affected. During an Enlightening Transfer, whereby an undead patient's psyche is disassembled and transfered to another, the patients broke free. They turned on their mortal psychic surgeons, taking control of their minds. It was such a coordinated affair, many of these patients were secretly trained mentalists, that some say it could only have been pulled off by a Higher Power. Some claim it was Thasmudyan. Others say the planner was a demon in the deeps, one that invaded the oceans around in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), hiding unaccounted for thousands of years. With the Sôvuk Sea Gate under Torvild, the latter theory is given more credence.

What followed was a cleansing of Torvild Isle. The living, with their short lifespans, were deemed defective, unable to reach trade perfection in their allotted times. The Llydaros, a people already degenerating from centuries of incest, were hunted down, turned into undead. Over the next five years, the undead took control of Torvild.

You will find the undead of Torvild to be nothing like what is told in the books. They are immortal artists, engineers, builders, and musicians, driven to improve their craft. Anything that diverts them from this, is considered evil and destructive - something to be removed by an Enlightening Transfer.

- Phoslomor, excerpt from the book "Phoslomor's Survey of Midrêth, Ch. 3-10"

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