Founded29 Brightstar 1001

In the Conclave War, the Burterinii were driven from their ancestral homes in southern Gulimbor. This departure was the beginning of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017).

The Conclave War, the first of the Domination Wars, along with the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203) that it created, eventually forced the Burterinii to migrate across Pharmûn Bay to Ma'Ohari's northeastern coasts where they founded Thrakopolis. The city's name was in tribute to Admiral Jeswyn Thrak who protected not only his own people but also all the other so-called Rogue States then fleeing Gulimbor's beleaguered lands.

Thrakopolis is the capital of Burterinii. It is the largest city of Ma'Ohari and a major stop for trade coming out of Shounejo and Engineen. It is beautiful city of the tropics with flowers adorning the battlements and towers. The greenery of the city and diversity of its color is matched by multi-hued glass in buildings and domes capping some towers. Thrakopolis was built along a part of Ma'Ohari's coast that is always under a breeze, making it a much cooler place than the stifling jungle interior beyond its western walls.

The city is sited on the Kanungul Strait. Across this strait is the Kanungul island. This island has numerous villas of the wealthy and some villas owned by foreigners. Many people of Thrakopolis go over to this island on the weekends to enjoy the fresh air and pristine beaches. The western part of the city lies within the Hlothraza jungle. The walls of the city are joined with several of the towering natural spires of the jungle. These spires act as barracks for the military, and living quarters for the wealthy and nobles.

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