Sanguine Whispers

Shadow Rift1483 - present
Oupost Prime1334 - 1483
Orryn1234 - 1334
DeitiesLukoon, others
EnemiesAldassinen, Har'kish
Established15 Bloom 1234

The Sanguine Whispers was founded by more than a dozen heroes of the Tradeway Wars. The guild members were of many different races and backgrounds. In addition to training other cadres, the guild members expanded into mercantile ventures. The notoriety and fame of the Sanguine Whispers allowed them to form lucrative contracts with many Underdark companies. Sanguine Whispers has evolved into conglomerate with a number of different departments involved in clandestine operations, assassination, sabotage, and trade.

In 1239, the Sanguine Whispers played a minor part in the Witch-Pack War (1190 - 1240) when they successfully carried out a contract to kill King Drugnod (c.f. Operation King Fall). In 1334, the Sanguine Whispers expanded their mercantile and clandestine activities to the surface realm. They moved their headquarters from Orryn up to what became known as Outpost Prime.

The guild is most known for its activities in espionage, assassinations, infiltration, sabotage and other covert operations. They work for any political group regardless of alignment. The Sanguine Whispers have operations in many regions of Brucrumus. It is rumored that the guild has established puppet governments in some frontier cities.

In 1469, the guild established a school for training Web Weavers. This school was built in Outpost Prime and called Tangled Weave.

In 1479, the Sanguine Whispers were driven out of Ebonstar by the Black Tide.

In 1483, the Sanguine Whispers suffered a major setback when they were thrown out of Outpost Prime by the Har'kish. The survivors fled into the Underdark towards Orryn. The new headquarters of the Sanguine Whispers was established somewhere in the Shadow Rift.

The guild organizes crack units called Squads. The most documented unit of this guild is Squad X7E. Their missions are well-known and often studied by other clandestine organizations. Covert squads of the Sanguine Whispers are comprised of specially trained operatives:

Prestige Classes of the Sanguine Whispers
Cryptooperation analysis, intelligent gathering, cryptology, record keeping
Herbal Doctorhealing with fungi and herbs, alchemist
Web Weavermanipulator of the Web of Magic
Saboteurdemolition expert
Seerdedicated fields of study, sage
Strategisttactician and strategist