Sanguine Whispers

Shadow Rift1483 - present
Oupost Prime1334 - 1483
Orryn1144 - 1334
DeitiesLukoon, others
EnemiesAldassinen, Har'kish
Established15 Bloom 1144

The Sanguine Whispers was founded by fourteen mercenary heroes of the Tradeway Wars (1131 - 1231). Of many different races and backgrounds, they used their fame and fortunes in the making of a guild for training special operatives, spies, assassins, saboteurs, and tinkers.

In 1206, the Sanguine Whispers played a minor part in the Witch-Pack War (1190 - 1240). Hired by the Witch Horde, they killed Khro'gaz Drugnod, leader of the Garormuk Federation. They would follow this up two more times, killing the so-called "False Drugnods".

Sanguine Whispers is best known for its activities in espionage, assassinations, infiltration, sabotage and other covert operations. For the right pay, they will work for any organization.

In 1469, the guild founded the Tangled Weave, a school for training Web Weavers.

In 1479, Sanguine Whispers's lost Ebonstar to the Black Tide.

In 1481, the group Squad X7E discovered monkey-like minotaurs living in the Manduggiss Trench. These Sig-Lorm were helped out of a place they had called home since the Lith-Crillion Era. Thousands were resettled at Hinnbjalf, a place they would rekindle, spreading civilization, security, and wealth for the next two centuries. At Hinnbjalf, the Sig-Lorm pursed cultural and social advancements over war. They made the city renown again, running great events like the annual Sig-Lorm Chariot Race where up to thirty chariots competed. In its first year, Squad X7E competed in this event with distinction.

In the last month of 1483, the organization suffered a major setback when they were chased out of Outpost Prime by the Har'kish Empire. This came after an attempt to destroy Har'kish's terror weapon, the Hand of Gith. After losing their headquarters, the survivors fled into the subterranean reaches towards Orryn. Eight years later, they open their new headquarters in gloom of the Shadow Rift. As part of a land deal with Ink-Shad, the greater authority of Shadow Rift, they move their arcane operations into Gaudrith, opening the doors of the Tangled Weave to a wider audience.

Sanguine Whispers is known for its specialized units, its Squads. The most documented of of these is Squad X7E. Their missions often studied by other clandestine organizations.

Squad members often have special roles:

Prestige Classes of the Sanguine Whispers
Cryptooperation analysis, intelligent gathering, cryptology, record keeping
Herbal Doctorhealing with fungi and herbs, alchemist
Web Weavermanipulator of the Web of Magic
Saboteurdemolition expert
Seerdedicated fields of study, sage
Strategisttactician and strategist