Fargimdal Light Infantry
RegionClans, Unaraggumak
DeitiesAres, Avandra, Naraz-Nâru, Kebechet
EnemiesBru'khar, Rúmil, Drachdekai Pact
Established29 Artifice 784

In 760, the Gibil-Nâru clan cut its ties with the Kingdom of Phlehorn. The Gibil-Nâru moved their operations east to the forested hills and lower mountain slopes of the Siguzilbak forest. Over the next two decades, population growth was helped from the addition of other clans with a more aggressive approach to the region's threats.

In the Sixth Siguzilbak War, Phlehorn's mercenary armies captured the Kuladul capital Carororn. Clan armies did most of the war's fighting. These were mercenary forces, the first signs of Phlehorn's decline. When victory was declared, the clan armies under the leadership of the Gibil-Nâru declared a new dwarven kingdom. They renamed Carororn, giving it the Dwarven name Bolnalmak. It was made the capital of Fargimdal. The first ruler was Queen Fargimdal. A hero of the war, having suffered numerous mortal wounds and survived, war priests of Ares proclaimed her a saint on the same day the kingdom was founded under her name. Phlehorn did not object to this move. They liked the idea of having a military-minded kingdom between them and the equally aggressive elves of the Rúmil Empire.

In the First Kizan War, the kingdom focused on their holdings in the Underdark. This was done to establish another communication link with Rumaktharga. For much of the war, this Fargimdal city remained isolated, entrenched beyond mountains and cut-off by Rúmil's armies.

In 1584, an Engineen blimp landed in the territory of Fargimdal. Following trade negotiations, Engineen exchanging their steam technology for Fargimdal's understanding of concrete. The Phorngoads put this steam technology to use in the building of a massive rail network called the Kibar-Kûn. A powerful company called Phorngoad Rail controls most of this network. This company contributes a lot of tax revenue to Fargimdal's treasury, and quite influential in government.

Fargimdal has a small fleet of skyships. They are mainly used in distant mines, like the Honeycomb Mine of the Sournbracks. Thanks to the magical regenerative properties of Gwaellurth, Fargimdal is a major timber exporter. Where the Tunzâr flows through Siguzilbak, one can find dozens of mills. The products of the nation are typically shipped by river and rail.

Fargimdal are enemies with the Rúmil. The belligerents vie for control of Siguzilbak. The dwarves patrol the forest on giant beetles and other reptiles. The Fargimdal also use ironclad maulers in their armies. Naturally, the use of these magically engineered dire beasts is an affront to the elves.