Belephant-Elebros - Garathral
Founded4 Bliss 731 HE

Belephant-Elebros was built in the Horgon Era by Charda'thrae colonists. It was built on one of Cthorgo's islands to serve as a choke point for traffic moving along the Great Tradeway and along the surrounding sea.

In 1145, Belephant-Elebros joined the Chari'they Alliance. This alliance sought to control all the trade and peoples along the Great Tradeway. In 1170, as part of the Tradeway Wars, the city fell to the Orchish Empire. The Fograth, not strong enough to hold the area, reduced it to rubble and then abandoned it.

The former drow queen of Belephant-Elebros, now a powerful vampire, resides in sprawling ruins spread across a dozen honeycombed stalagmites. This Vampire Queen, now with few subjects, still claims to rule the ruin and the sea lanes about it. Most travelers of the Great Tradway, bypass this area by taking wide arcs around the haunted ruins and its blood-thirsty ruler.

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