Tintibulus Chute

Sea of MourningBal-Kriav
Opened17 Witchrite 1310
MapStahdim Goz

The Tintibulus Chute is an inter-system rift halfway between the isles of Stahdim Goz and the southwestern shores of the Aerie of Dragons.

This rift opened in the final stages of constructing the Palace of Nine. Such a high amount of arcane magic was put into its making that it it caused a Deadening Effect, making a tear in the Web of Magic. This tear became a rift, a bridge between the worlds Bal-Kriav and Tintibulus. For natives of Bal-Kriav, they can travel back and forth through the rift, limited only by one day of rift sickness. Those not native to Bal-Kriav cannot enter the rift from the Tintibulus side.

Once passing through the rift from the Bal-Kriav side, travelers enter the storm-wracked sea of Ophusilix. They are now outside the Mortal Systems, in a system called Acheron. The worlds of this system have long served as battlefields between demons and devils, and angels against the evil hordes of both. There is no trade through the Tintibulus Chute. The seas are too dangerous on both sides, only the bold make a journey to Tintibulus.

- Phoslomor, excerpt from the book "Phoslomor's Survey of MidrĂȘth, Ch. 3-11"

On both sides of the rift, a perpetual storm rages across two hundred miles.