Tintibulus Chute

Sea of MourningBal-Kriav
Opened17 Witchrite 1310
MapStahdim Goz

The Tintibulus Chute is an open inter-system rift south of Thithak in the Sea of Mourning. It links the Quara'tun world Bal-Kriav with the Acheron world Tintibulus. It came into being with the building of the Palace of Nine; a side effect of the amount of magic used in the place's construction. This rift has a magical ward on it that makes it so that only creatures of Bal-Kriav can enter it and return from it.

This rift is a maelstrom of storms and rough seas covering a roughly circular area of some 20 miles. At the heart of this eternal storm is the rift, that when entered takes the traveler from the Sea of Mourning on Bal-Kriav to the sea Ophusilix on Acheron.

Jairall, leader of the former adventuring group Black Banner, provided some insight on the Tintibulus Chute and what lies beyond it (c.f. Into the Tintibulus Chute).