LocationPearl Sea
Built14 Artifice 1170 HE

Two hundred miles southeast of the island Mânelurûs is the undersea ruin Inendeep. From its upper spires, it begins 900' underwater. From there it descends for a mile into Tyelcirion.

Inendeep was founded during the time of the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE). Around 1150 HE, mutated into something more suitable for the seas, Durkoth were drawn to the deep waters of Tyelcirion. These Durkoth, as fast in the seas as a shortfin mako, were ex-pats of Nagdúrzol. Over the next decade, they subjugated Tyelcirion's merfolk. Alongside their Durkoth masters, they built towering spires and domed structures along Tyelcirion's great cliffs. At its peak, the city was populated by 20,000 Durkoth and five times as many Merfolk. Under Durkoth rule, visitor, slave, or prisoner of any other race was forbidden from entering the city.

In 1414, explorers commissioned by Pulogmac found a trove of writings and relics in the ruin. Divers found purplish-black crystal tablets that detailed the history of the Durkoth from their beginnings on Osâchar to their time on the surface of Bal-Kriav and then in her deeps.

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