Progeny of Baltalas

Progeny of Baltalas
Typefiery humanoid monstrosity
Alignmentchaotic evil

It is fortunate for the realms that the Progeny of Baltalas are few in number. In the Creation War, they numbered in the hundreds, all spawn of the primordial lord Baltalas. Those that got out of Muspelheim wrecked untold havoc with their streams of lava spittle and a strength that could have matched an adolescent Atlas. A dozen of them together could form a bond whereby they had the heat output of a similar number of volcanoes. They could unleash so much ash, smoke and lava as to cook a world. For the primordials of the Creation War, the main problem with these fiery monstrosities was their dim-wit and short memory. They would turn on their own side in the midst of combat, either out of choice, enemy convincing, or that it being an easier route to somewhere they suddenly thought of going. This made them unreliable except as something to drop off in enemy territory and let run amok.

After the Creation War, only two of these creatures have made it to Bal-Kriav. One was trapped in the Demon Spawn War when it was buried under tons of rubble. Geb and Bahamut worked together to bring down this terror which at the time had no name, so Geb named the beast Kerath after a crazy son of Thyrm. Because of this gesture, Thyrm became a forever friend of Geb for this was a snub against his most hated son. When Kerath became trapped in rubble, he was then chained to the stone. These Kerath Anchors are one of the marvels of Adunamar. Kerath is chained, buried inside the volcano Sken Drog.

In 1421, a Progeny of Baltalas came through the Glothreth Rift and wrecked havoc in Glothreth. It then traveled west into the glacial wastes of Igas. This fiery humanoid, towering the height of three titans, required an entire Artaxertean army to bring it down. The 9th Vaer Firod army was so depleted by this encounter that it was disbanded and reconstituted into other Artaxertean units.

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