OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded4 Bloom 1487

Aphalê is a coastal city of the Core Sea. On the continent of Brucrumus, it is the Khazarkar Empire's westernmost city. It sprawls along the shores of the Alarthand River and the Core Sea. Its nine ports are like self-contained towns. Built like citadels, they have long made Aphalê impregnable to naval attack. The city's northeastern side rises up along a cliff to palatial homes overlooking what was once a bay. From grand terraces they can look thousands of feet down to the sands of Kazrâ.

Aphalê has four great walls. The last was added when the Orchish Empire reached the region in their Core Offensive (1749 - 1760).

Home to the Khazarkar's Rûnê navy, the city's naval complex is protected by eight Cyclops Harbor Cannons, twelve Thunder Hand mortars, and numerous other artillery. The bigger guns rest on rotating disks; moved from underneath by teams of skeletal elephants.

Aphalê's airspace is protected by fortifications floating above the city on earth motes. In addition to military applications, some are the homes of the very wealthy or skyship docks.

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