OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded4 Bloom 1620

Aphalê is on the southern shores of the Core Sea. The city spreads across several large ridges that descend to the coasts. These ridges along with being on the shores of a sea make some areas quite windy. The city is also buffeted by winds coming coming down the highlands of Grashakh.

The city is surrounded by five walls. With the territorial expansion of the Orchish Empire into the Core Sea region (c.f. Core Offensive), the Khazarkar Empire have greatly enhanced the fortifications of the city. It has a great harbor which is home to the Rûnê navy. The approaches of the city, both by sea or land, are protected by eight Cyclops Harbor cannons, twelve Thunder Hand mortars, and numerous smaller artillery. The massive size of the Cyclops Harbor Cannons are operated by teams of fire giants. The cannons rest on rotating discs, which are moved by skeletal elephants.

Aphalê's airspace is protected by fortifications above the city, on large earth motes anchored deep in the city's foundation. This is required because these air motes would otherwise drift on the winds. In addition to their military applications, they also serve as the real estate for palatial homes, docking areas for skyships and voidships.

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Khazarkar Empire