Abyssal Funnel

RegionLands of Purity
Opened14 Lunar 1506
Closed28 Kindle 1513

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), conjurers of the Black Tide sought ways to open a rift to the Abyss. They succeeded in 1506, when Katrana used a spell from the Unausprechlin Kulten to open a rift in the deeps of lake Nellaegaer. The other side of the rift opened on the Abyssal world Inguvile. It opened in the waters of a fetid, disease wracked swamp called Dydehk. During the casting, the magic went awry, creating a permanent rift in the Web of Magic.

The fissure became known as the Abyssal Funnel. While it was open, nearly a hundred demons emerged from its depths and ravaged the surrounding lands. Those demons that were not dispatched, went into hiding or joined the ranks of evil groups, with some setting up their own evil organizations. This fissure drained the lake Nellaegaer.

The Abyssal Funnel was sealed in 1513 by the then mortal Aredhel and the Arch-Mages of Merioss. Some have made the claim that Arcana personally aided in the gate's closing. It is sealed by the Nellaegaer Force Ward. This force ward is of divine casting making it extremely hard to crack.