Battle of Ninâth Înal

Tamlêrran VS Corpse Tearer

Suffering dreadful attacks on their frontier settlements, the Tamlêrran mobilize an army of constructs and crack warriors. The Zenduram send the army to Ninâth Înal to hunt down and destroy the legendary linnorm Corpse Tearer.

The first engagement was between ten iron golems and Corpse Tearer. The cunning beast outwitted the constructs, leading them into a pond where they became mired in mud. It then drove off the other forces, wiping out a brigade of crack Tamlêrran warriors and priests including the wizard-governor Urân'nêl Ulurk. Returning to the pond, the beast shredded the iron golems with its massive claws, the same claws that have leveled towers and squashed elephants. In the ensuing melee, Corpse Tearer broke one of its claws on an iron golem. The fragment fell into the pond. Later, this item was recovered and imbued with magic becoming the relic Corpse Renderer. When this great spear was used on Corpse Tearer, it fled back in fear to its lair in Gimmetli.