Wardens Of Aspungad

RegionHells Womb
Diiv Kiir100%
Alignmentslawful neutral, lawful evil
Symbolmilitary fork radiating electricity
FounderGeneral Aspungad Maelfex
Established11 War March 1278

The Wardens of Aspungad is an order of Diiv Kiir knights. Four years before the Council of Bile was established, a group of knights built Aspungad to guard the north passes into the Gelugon Range. They proved to be of such high caliber and had many highly charismatic sergeants and young officers that they were selected as one of the four orders that make-up the Orders of War.

The Wardens of Aspungad are charged with guarding the northern territories of the Council of Bile. They patrol the Gelugon Range on the backs of blue dragons. These wyrms are raised by Diiv Kiir families, bound to them through ancient bloodlines and magical rites. These rites and long history of relationships between Tragarans and dragons has helped curb some of the avarice and wickedness of the blue dragons, but not completely. Those dragons that prove to unruly as they get older are either set free or dispatched.

The Wardens of Aspungad pay homage to Ares by annual sacrifices of a good dragon in combat with one of their own dragons. These are always lop-sided combats, with the dragons of the Wardens of Aspungad greater in age and might than the goodly opponent. In one combat, a goodly dragon, heavily drugged, slew a blue dragon named Calthin-Tyn Spinecracker. Theologians claim that Ares was furious and responsible for the partial collapse of the arena, resulting in the deaths of 3,000 spectators. Since this disaster, the Warden Marshall carefully pick the combatants, making sure their chosen dragon has the highest possible chance to win.