CategoryFallen Empires
Wood Elf90%
EnemiesOrchish Empire
Reign885 - 1130

In 778, the Lorthrindal, ruling family of the Galadriël Kingdom were voted out of power. They were replaced by those with an interest in establishing better relations with the dwarven kingdom of Gimhak. The Lorthrindal, having ruled for over two centuries, were not about to be servants of other powers, so they packed up and left. They took with them several thousand loyalists, heading north into Grashakh. In the Nárfaltuin Forest, once home to the Kriavian Elves of Elalmoth, they established the Lorthrindal kingdom on 1 Kindle 885.

In the First and into the start of the Second Epoch, Lorthrindal lay claim to Nárfaltuin and the southwestern tracts of Maar'tolaak. This began to change in 1048 with the Arduous March (1041 - 1096). The Githirmil were pushing north from Lirgaza and into Inirthak. Under the leadership of the Ageless Emperor they pushed into the Nárfaltuin forest; lands home to the wood elves of Lorthrindal. This led to the War of Nárfaltuin (1048 - 1130). In this conflict the Githirmil, the nucleus of what would become the Orchish Empire, cut a corridor through the elven lands, clear-cutting, protecting their advance with blockhouses, forts, and imposing castles. After two decades, Lorthrindal had lost all hold of Nárfaltuin. The war continued shifted south, into the Terrible Tangles where lived things even more threatening than Lorthrindal's arrows.

In 1130, Lorthrindal's capital city Estandarenya fell to the Orchish Empire. This brought an end to the elven kingdom, but not the elves. They went into the dreaded fens of Tyermur where it is said they suffered a curse that drove them mad, turning many into cannibals. Numbering in the tens of thousands, scattered across the swamps and forests they continue to wage war on the Orchish Empire at a tribal level.

In Tyermur, there are winds called the Dream Howling. They are unnatural, said to have come about from the misery and deaths of elves that succumbed to a fell curse.

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