Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesTarâk, Hades
Established11 Prey 1991 HE

In 1302 HE, Andigimok colonists emerged from the Earth Seam at Baruk-Nur. They went east to the Cthorgo coasts and built the settlement Arazindam. Since at the time, the Earth Seam destination points were unknown this settlement became independent of their parent empire. Arazindam's Mîmêk spread south founding Duluk-Zirag in 1579 HE and then Hagurthand in 1731 HE. The empire Irdtrax came about from a war by Hagurthand to re-take one of its vassal holds (c.f. Tharuzbaluk) which declared itself independent in 1910 HE. The Hook and Sinker War between Hagurthand and Tharuzbaluk went on for decades. When Tharuzbaluk fell in 1991 HE, the Irdrax empire was formed with a representative government comprised of peoples from the villages, towns, and cities. This new government replaced the syndicracy that had been running things since its early mining days and removed the bone of contention between Hagurthand and Tharuzbaluk. The four cities at the time of the empire's formation were Arazindam, Duluk-Zirag, Hagurthand, and Tharuzbaluk.

Irdtrax's might has waxed and waned over the ages, having suffered many civil wars, and a long period of conflict with Vhurindrar and Bolip-Stalacite. Irdtrax lost Duluk-Zirag in the Tradeway Wars and a month after this loss Arazindam declared its independence. When the empire's most threatening enemy, the Vhurindrar, fell in the Tradeway Wars, it saw a peace of nearly a century. This peace was broken in the Raefknar War when they were attacked by a large mercenary army led by Dvr'jiss. This war ended with the loss of Yastorogg. In more recent times, the Irdtrax have run into conflict with the surface. Their largest surface adversary is Surticon.

Irdtrax is predominately populated by Mîmêk and derro. The derro, tainted by deep rocks, work the more dangerous mines and other areas around concentrations of the said rock. They are paid a higher wage for this risk, yet most see it as plus since it has led to many of them acquiring psionic wild talents. Those with psionics sometimes end up in higher positions in companies, groups, and government - either from intelligence or cunning use of their "psionic gifts".

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