Hells Womb

Climatetemperate, tropical, arctic, abnormal

Hells Womb is a southern coastal region of Brucrumus. Going north, the land gently rises as it enters Grashakh. East of Hells Womb is the Aerie of Dragons, and west is the Lands of Purity. The sea titans of Skuttirk had a word for the coasts of this region, they called this area Hleirt Vokun. The Tragarans changed this to be Hells Womb and thus it came to be the name of the region.

During the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), many ships came to Hells Womb. Soon after landing on the shores, the refugees of Gulimbor met resistance from the locales. Orcs, gnomes, halflings, wood elves, lizard men, and yuan-ti, tried to contain the Tragaran refugees and their quickly growing towns. But these battle-hardened Tragarans came in vast numbers, with hundreds of ships ferrying the stores and remnants of their ruined homelands into their new homeland of Hells Womb. The Tragarans made peace with some, and war with others. The orcs of Kamoni suffered the latter, driven from the region in what became known as the Arduous March (1041 - 1096). The Kal-Oni Empire's rise brought peace and properity for a time. When Kal-Oni fell, it spawned Paradomea and the Council of Bile.

Hells Womb is dominated by evil and neutrally aligned civilizations. In the Second Epoch, the region served as an exile for criminals of the Lands of Purity. Many of these were drawn to the largest and oldest Tragaran city on the continent. This populous, economic powerhouse, is called Paradomea City.

The topography of Hells Womb is one of high mountains, valleys and plains. Many wide and fast moving rivers span the length of this region. The landscape of Hells Womb makes it a very defensible area. It is ringed by mountains on three sides, and the Sea of Mourning in the south.

Hells Womb has an unusual mix of temperature zones. The area south of a zone called the Temporal Zephyr is tropical. Moving north of the zone one enters a chilling environment. The region then becomes sub-arctic as one moves into the Gelugon Range.

The Underdark region beneath Hells Womb is called Drarthiel.

Caina Nexus, the Tintibulus Chute, a Pyramid of Power, and the activities of the Palace of Nine are the clear causes of the wild and chaotic weather of our great region Hells Womb. Suppress these causes, and this land will prosper, inaction will only lead to catastrophe.

- Zertese, of Green Rising, climatologist - "Concentration of Magic"

Cities of Hells Womb
City 7FoundedElevation
Vrak-Tror1311 HE450'
Paradomea City103610'