Hannanâtha is a rich and powerful Nermanean family of Bathor. They own a vast area of land in northern Mynzuth. This land has rich mines, extravagant manors, keeps, castles, and towns. Many of these were built by the Hannanâthas. They have a tight grip on the contracts for carpentry and stone work. They also control a dozen or more iron and copper mines across Mynzuth.

The family came to notoriety during the reign of the Nermanis Syndicate. In the 800s, the family numbered around 40. The Hannanâthas came to be known for their ruffians, gamblers, and brawlers. Suprisingly enough, the woman of the family were the gamblers and later the masterminds of the family. They even came to call their woman heads of the house, Matrons. The males of the family acted as debt-collectors and muscle. After gaining wealth from gambling, the Hannanâthas branched out with loan sharking and fencing goods for a thieves guild. The family made their greatest fortune from a silver mine called Laughing Hairfoot. The rights to this mine became theirs as a gambling debt from a wealthy Nermanean family of Maurkac.

The Haog will think twice before hiring mercenaries to cajole us. They know we have the muscle and perhaps some backing by the Lost Knives. Rather than sully their name from a failed plot, they will pay the debt.

- Matron "Diamond Trix" Delia Surestep, head of the Hannanâtha family, from diary entry - "The Haog Conundrum"

The family came to own a dozen mines in the northeastern reaches of Armânuk. When the Nermanis Sea drained away, the Nermanis Syndicate fell with it. The Hannanâtha stayed in Armânuk, continuing to work the mines. The attacks by raiders grew greatly after the fall of Nermanis. As a result, the Hannanâtha had to abandon all but three mines. The reduced production and lack of trade reduced the family to a faint shadow of its former glory.

In the Second Epoch, the Khazarkar Empire came to dominate much of Cinazan. At this point in history, Nermanis had long since fallen, and its people dispersed across Cinazan. In most areas, they were a poor people and living under less than desirable conditions. The Khazarkars and their military protection, were welcomed as a return to civilization. Many of the region's Nermaneans became citizens of the Khazarkar Empire. Even after the fall of Nermanis and up to the time of Khazarkar rule over the area, the Hannanâtha still operated some of their best mines.

In the later hours of 4 Bloom 1532, Matron "Snake Eyes" Corselia would bring the fortunes of the family to misery when she lost the Laughing Hairfoot deed. While gambling at one of Nirzanâth's taverns, the Laughing Hairfoot deed was turned over to a Khazarkar of the Urkuzîr family.

Several years later, the Hannanâtha moved far south, taking the Dargirth to Paradomea City and then moving north to Bathor. In this city, they rebuilt their wealth and have come to be a very powerful and rich house of Hells Womb.

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