Mutation Batoth

RegionIce Cap
Alignmentany chaotic
Purposechaos, transmutation, creation
Established21 Temporal 6301 DE

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), a primordial lord named Hettar created an organization for handling supplies and logistics. Named the Ezthall Yakiz, it was led by masters of mental computation and memory; some even say they were constructs, relics of the Lost Ages. With thousands of minions to carry out their commands, the Ezthall Yakiz created dozens of sub-divisions to handle all the work, one tasked with creating healing agents and medical supplies for the war effort. One of the more sinister aspects of this medical core, later to be known as Mutation, was the manufacture of drugged healing agents, creating a dependence on the source; even Hettar became addicted to some of their best mega-healing mixtures.

The Batoth, a Primordial word for Mutation, specialize in transmutation magic, searching for the secrets of Creation, and chaos infusion. The latter of these came out of their boss's idea of turning enemy soldiers into minions of Chaos; rather than the total elimination endgame of the Primordial Mandate.

In 1296, based out of MogdĂșlg, agents of Mutation opened a rift to a faraway world. This inter-system bridge, the Sink of Chaos, served as a magnet for a passing Chaos Maelstrom. After coming across, for weeks this storm of chaos hung lazily above what would become thereafter known as Hleittil, a land and its peoples forever chaos infused.

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